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En+ Group
Site for international leader in metal industry and power engineering as a way to send a message on the business philosophy
Concept art
En+ Group is a major manufacturer of aluminum outside China and the largest independent hydro power generating company in the world. Its philosophy is based on a stable development. We have developed a site which can tell in understandable terms about the extensive work of En+ holding and emphasize its status.
The main task of En+ Group is an image. It was necessary to efficiently highlight the company's spot in the market, show the business complementarity, draw attention to environmental initiatives and stable development and reach the target audience, namely investors, the government, clients and mass media.
Business Synergy
En+ Group unites two economy sectors: metal industry and power engineering.
En+ Group unites two economy sectors: metal industry and power engineering. It is shown on the site with color coding: green for metal industry and orange for power engineering. The color makes it easier for the user to understand what the information is about.
A worldwide presence
A worldwide presence. Resilient business with unique asset base and attractive growth prospects.
hydro power plants
15.1 GW Installed capacity
combined heat and power plants
3.9 mtpa total capacity
solar power plant
5.2 MW installed capacity
Sustainable Development
En+ leaves the world's smallest carbon footprint and strictly follows the principles of sustainable development.
The section on sustainable development allows you to add new pages and add information in the slider.
Recruitment of Investors
En+ discloses the maximum information in figures and facts to demonstrate the investment attractiveness of the business.
A large number of factoids distributed throughout the site are updated through a single center in the administrative panel.
Media Relations
All information for journalists can be found in the Media section.
The site now corresponds to the status of the major holding and the market leader. The figures and data are presented clearly and in style thanks to typography and interactivity. A large amount of information has a flexible distribution on the site; it is easily controlled with the administrative panel.
The quality of elaboration of the tender application confirms the fact that the site concept almost did not change during implementation (which is rare in such projects). The professionalism, quality and responsiveness of Uplab team were at the highest level. The workflow, the use of communication tools and the expertise were far better with Uplab.

As a rule, satisfaction with the final product was incomparably higher both with PR management and the top management and outside stakeholders.
Tatiana Drachuk
En+ Group PR Director
Project Team
Project Managers
Oleg Vazhovskii,
Aleksandr Dymov
Art Director
Petr Mostriukov
Irina Gureva
Viktoriia Denis
Backend Developers
Aleksandr Kuznetsov, Kseniia Petrova
QA Engineer
Aleksei Iakovlev
System administrator
Kirill Shushkin
Content Manager
Ivan Petrov
Artem Gavrilov
SEO Specialist
Anna Petrova
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